Cydia Impactor Errors: Fix All Possible Errors Easily

An error is something which will generate the difference between computed and correct value. For example, while using Cydia Impactor, you may face runtime error, http-win.cpp158, cydia impactor error 173 or any of such errors. These errors cause a significant delay for a human to get work finished. It is a natural behavior to become frustrated when such errors are not getting fixed.

In this article, we have provided almost all kind of errors you may face while using Cydia Impactor. You will get the cause of particular cydia impactor error along with its solution. Just stick with the post, and get your error solved. 🙂

Cydia Impactor Errors and Solution

If you fail to solve encountered cydia impactor error while sideloading, you can try cydia impactor alternatives.

1. Cydia Impactor runtime error

cydia impactor error


  • runtime error!
  • This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.


  • Install Visual C++ Redistribution latest version.

2. installation.cpp:42 error

provision cpp 173


  • cydia impactor installation.cpp:42
  • The system version is lower than the minimum OS version specified for_directory
  • File : installation.cpp;line:42;what:
    Failed to verify code signature of
    /private/var/installd/Library/Caches/ executable was signed with invalid entitlements.)

Solution 1:

  • It may be caused by dragging IPA zip file directly to Cydia Impactor. Try to extract at the desktop and then drag it to the software.
  • Try your luck with VPN for making an attempt with a different region.
  • Utilize another tool for signing IPA file and sideload that signed IPA using Impactor. One of the community members used iOS App Signer to resign yalu.ipa and installed with the latest Impactor, it worked!

Solution 2:

Majority of community members are facing the same issue while using Cydia Impactor. Trying out available different solutions are not leading users to walk away without cydia impactor 42 error. But it can be 100% resolved with the following method where impactor won’t be our handy tool.

  1. Go to from your Safari browser.
  2. Type unc0ver -new beta in the search bar.
  3. Upon finding the same, click on Get and let it install the app.
  4. Disable Reload System Daemons and enable Reinstall Cydia
  5. Now perform jailbreak. (Perform multiple attempts if necessary)

You are welcome. 😉

3. installation.cpp:51 error


  • cydia impactor installation.cpp.51
  • ipa does not support


  • Upgrading iOS version will solve the error.

4. lockdown.cpp:57 error

lockdown cpp 57


  • file: lockdown.cpp; line: 57; what:LOCKDOWN_E_INVALID_CONF


  1. Kill the Cydia Impactor, turn off the WiFi on your iPhone and run the impactor again.
  2. Tap on “Trust” on your iPhone while you connect your device to the computer.
  3. Simple download and install the latest iTunes and sign in using your Apple credentials.

5. provision.cpp:62 error

provision cpp 62


  • cydia impactor provision.cpp:62


  • Repeat installation of IPA continuously
  • Disable “Search for iPhone” by navigating Setting >> iCloud

6. provision.cpp:68 error


  • cydia impactor provision.cpp:68


  • Agree with the terms by visiting developer section of apple:

7. provision.cpp:71 error

cydia impactor zip cpp 557 cannot unzip


  • cydia impactor provision.cpp:71


  • It is probably occurring because you are having a similar app on your iOS device.

8. provision.cpp:80 error

cydia impactor provision cpp 81


  • cydia impactor provision.cpp:80
  • You already have a current iOS development certificate pr pending certificate request.


lockdown cpp 57

  • There may be a problem with the certificate causing such action. Navigate to Xcode >> Revoke Certificates. Enter your Apple ID and password and revoke the certificate.

9. provision.cpp:81 error


  • file:provision.cpp;line:81;what:ios/addAppld=9313
    The “Network Extensions” feature is only available to users enrolled in Apple Developer Program. Please visit to enroll.


  • Utilize revoke certificate along with cydia impactor as demonstrated for 80 error.
  • Create a new apple id and use it while cydia impactor asks. This will solve the actual issue.

10. provision.cpp:150 error


  • provision.cpp:150 or provisoin.cpp:168
  • Your Apple ID or password was entered incorrectly


  • It may be because of invalid login credentials. However, if it does not disappear, go to and generate an app-specific password. You can follow our video guide.

11. provision.cpp:158 error


  • provision.cpp:158
  • peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates


  • It seems you haven’t followed our simple guide of installing IPA file on iOS. After drag and drop task, you need to allow unknown certificate. Follow Setting >> General >>Device Management >> Your Installed IPA >> Trust. You can always follow our video guide.

12. provision.cpp:159 error


  • provision.cpp:159


  • High probability of facing this error may be the older version of Cydia Impactor. Download and install latest Cydia Impactor.

13. provision.cpp:160 error


  • provision.cpp:160
  • http-win.cpp:160


  • It encounters because of improper internet connection. For removing this cydia impactor error, ensure you are connected to the internet with the firewall. If you’re using VPN, disable it.

14. provision.cpp:168 error


  • provision.cpp:168
  • You already have a current iOS Development certificate or a pending certificate request


  1. Utilize App-Specific Password: This is the same method that we used to eliminate cydia impactor エラー 173. However, go through our video tutorial.
  2. Revoke Certificates: Navigate to Cydia Impactor > Xcode > Revoke Certificates. Enter your Apple ID and password and hit enter. You will get “revoked 1 certificate” message on the screen. Now, try reinstalling your IPA file.
  3. Create a New Apple ID: There might be the possibility of getting this error because of your Apple ID. Create a brand new Apple ID and try sideloading your IPA package.
  4. Install Package Manually: If you are still unable to install the desired app, go to Device > Install Package and pick up your downloaded IPA file. This should remove the cydia impactor 168 error.
  5. Computer Diversification:  At last, give another computer a chance as some existing installed software may be acting as a barrier for this impactor error.

15. provision.cpp:173 error

provision.cpp173 error


  • provision.cpp; line: 173; what:
    Please sign in with an app-specific password


  • As the error depicts, you need enter an app-specific password while sideloading IPA files instead of your Apple ID password. Go to, log in using your Apple ID credentials and generate an app-specific password. Use it when you drag IPA on cydia impactor.
  • Alternatively, you can just create a new Apple ID and give it a shot. This should eliminate cydia impactor 173 error.
  • If it still appears, try disabling two-factor authentification and make an attempt using your existing Apple ID password.

16. http-win, cpp; line 182

cydia impactor error 182


  • file: http-win.cpp; line 182; what: Problem with ssl ca cert (path? access rights?)
  • file:http-win, cpp; line 182; what;SSL connect error
    gnutls_handshake() failed: Error in the pull function.


  • Menu >> Impactor >> Insecure SSL. (It will change your insecure ssl setting and error will be resolved.)
  • Check if you have a double certificate. Turn it off and give it a go. It is worth a shot for cydia impactor 182 error.

17. provision.cpp:698 error


  • provision.cpp.698


  • It appears when Cydia Impactor doesn’t detect iOS device properly. Remove USB cable and reboot iPhone once. Reinstall iTunes and then follow the entire procedure.

18. impactor.cpp:637 error


  • impactor.cpp:637
  • error:desktop.cpp:314


  •  The simplest solution is to install iTunes that you probably forgot to install earlier.

19. zip.cpp:311 error


  • .zip.cpp:311
  • .zip.cpp:420


  • Your downloaded IPA file may be corrupted which is causing this issue. Download IPA file again from any trusted source.

20. ipa.cpp:456


  • ipa.cpp:456


  • It is because of the lack of .app/info.plist. Find the file and replace it.

21. zip.cpp:557 error


  • zip.cpp:557
  • Not a zip archive


  • The primary reason behind appearing this error is an improper archive of the original IPA file or download may be interrupted. Download it again or try out another IPA provider and sideload again.

22. file: zip.cpp; line: 597


  • file: zip.cpp; line: 597
  • premature ends error


Cydia Impactor Error 173 Solution

155 thoughts on “Cydia Impactor Errors: Fix All Possible Errors Easily”

      • Match the current date+time of your phone and computer. Go with revoking app id and eliminate certificates. Make sure you have downloaded the complete app.

        If it still appears, you may alter computer OS. AppSigner is another thing you can have your hands on. Still throwing the same error? Ohh man! Your app must have an inbuilt issue. Wait for its next update.

  1. File:provision.cpp;line:81;what:

    The “Network Extensions” feature is only available to users enrolled in Apple Developer Program. Please visit to enroll.

    I have this problem, any idea?

    • Hello B. Sosef,

      Here’s the solution:
      1. Use revoke certificate and try cydia impactor again.
      2. If nothing changes, create an new apple id and use it when cydia impactor asks.

  2. Hey, I am getting ‘provision.cpp; line: 173; what: Please sign in with an app-specific password. You can create one at’ when trying to re-sign an IPA with the “Install Package…” option. I have been using Cydia impactor for a while now, but it only started happening recently. I would be happy to create a new app-specific password for it if need be, but it’s not even popping up asking me to give it a password in the first place. I have tried redownloading and reinstalling both Cydia Impactor and iTunes, so I really don’t know what to do.

    • Instead of creating a new app-specific password, make an attempt with an entirely new Apple ID. If it still appears, disable two-factor authentification and give it a whirl.

      • The problem with that is, it’s never asking for an Apple ID either. So I can’t use a different Apple ID, And since I tried completely reinstalling it, it shouldn’t remember my existing ID either…

  3. Hello, I keep getting this error can you help?

    ile: provision.cpp; line: 81; what:

    ios/addAppId =9313
    The ‘Network Extensions’ feature is only available to users enrolled in Apple Developer Program. Please visit https:// to enroll.

  4. Failed to mind matching arch for 32-bit Mach-O input file/private/var/installs/library/caches/ 16OTBV/extracted/payload/

    • You are probably installing jailbreak IPA on your device. First, check if it supports your device. Make sure you change your flare according to your device. It is failing because the device you’re using may not be a 32bit one.

  5. Hi – I first used the v9.50 impactor but kept getting the 173 error. I’ve used the two-factor authentication password and this time it spitted out an error 79 (not listed above), saying that it’s installed as incompatible team. So I followed the instructions to remove the newer impactor version an downloaded v9.45 instead. This time it’s error 62 but the warning is the same which says “application already installed as incompatible team. What can i do now?

    • Hey Bailey,

      What is the app you are trying to install? Uninstall the current version of the app and try again. You can try disabling 2FA and use your Apple ID and password while sideloading via both v0.9.51 and v0.9.45.

  6. I have error 42 but it doesn’t say the minimum OS version. Instead it says failed to verify application with a valid certificate or something similar. Is there a fix for this

    • There may be a problem with the certificate causing such action. Navigate to Menu >> Xcode >> Revoke Certificates. Enter your Apple ID and password and revoke the certificate.

  7. Hi Saurikk
    I am trying to install whatsapp++ ipa file. I’ve tried apple id and password but if I do, i get the error that the password is incorrect or invalid. So i should uninstall v0.9.45 and reinstall which version? Where can I download impactor v0.9.51? Thanks.

    • Yeah, I have listed that too. Go through this article again or just redownload your IPA file(give a shot with another IPA provider, if it appears.)


  8. Hello Cydia Impactor
    I have a problem and it is that I do not see an apparent error, I simply closed the Cydia Impact application and it does not install, neither does an app appear on my iphone.
    It’s very strange because sometimes I could install the app and now I can not.

    I use cydia in windows 10 64 bits
    Iphone 6s with iOS 12.2, without jailbreak

    Thank you

    • It’s actually strange. It should have shown some kind of error. I hope you are using the app-specific password method. Go with putting your phone in airplane mode and try with latest cydia impactor.

      Web-based IPA sideloader like AppSigner would be the last thing you may wanna try!

  9. Hi,I have that problem,help me plz:
    File : installation.cpp;line:42;what:
    Failed to verify code signature of
    /private/var/installd/Library/Caches/ executable was signed with invalid entitlements.)
    I want to download a hacking game ,but I can’t,please help

    • A lot of people are facing the same error. It is occurring because of revoking certificates by iOS OS. Create an entirely new Apple ID or utilize to sign the app. Another third party platform you can try is iOS App Signer or iResign.

      In short, you need to sign the app via whatever apps/platforms there exist and sideload this signed app via impactor.

  10. Hello, Perform the steps that recommended me but these tests did not work with two IDs using the alternate password, the problem remains the same as the app starts to install but at a given moment stops and closes cydia impactor (the only app I can install is Electra 11.4)
    I hope you can help me, and if it is not possible, thank you very much anyway. Your technical support is very good.

  11. Hello Cydia Team

    I would like to share with you my solution to solve the problem “Cydia is closed and there is no installation application in 12.2” to solve this problem. now create a new random password in the appley page copy it. Now I opened cydia impactor the latest version, look for the ipa I put the id and password before the copy and when I installed I did not see when the application was installed, switch to another window as google chrome (it is strange this step but it worked for me so) and already at the time of reopening the application there was a green bar next to the impact of Cydia, I guess the rest of steps you will know
    Greetings julian

    • It is popping up because of being 32-bit app and iOS 11 doesn’t support 32-bit apps. Anyway, try the following trick:

      1. Go to Cydia Impactor > Xcode > Delete App ID.
      2. Sideload your IPA via generated app-specific password.

      It is still doesn’t work, give iOS 10 a chance.

  12. please please help
    my problem is this
    File : installation.cpp;line:42;what:
    Failed to verify code signature of
    /private/var/installd/Library/Caches/ executable was signed with invalid entitlements.)
    please help am on ios 12.1.2 iphone 8 plus

    • Hey Meedoo,

      I’ve got your back. There may be multiple reasons behind cydia impactor 42 error. A majority of community members are facing the exact same error without getting it resolved. But if you’re okay with eliminating Cydia Impactor for solving this error, you are gonna get an accurate solution.

      I’ve updated this article with your error and its solutions. Please give the stated solutions a push and thank me later. 😉

  13. Hi I have an error 79 that says application already installed as an incompatible team after fixing the 173. If you could help that would be great

    • Hi Genna,

      This is due to an app(probably ++ patch) you’re trying to install has not been downloaded properly or it’s not working. Either way, download the app again from a trusted source at first. Remove/Uninstall the app which is causing this error. You may not see the installed app’s icon to remove it. In this case, just reboot your device once, remove it and reinstall the downloaded IPA again.

  14. Ok Saurikk thank you very much for your solution about error 42 where the The executable was signed with invalid entitlements. That’s great and am sure many people appreciate it but for me i don’t want to jailbreak my IOS device but i still want to utilize Cydia Impactor to side load 3rd party application but without having the error occurring every time i attempt to use it. If there please do mention it with a reply or your thoughts about when the resolve for this issue will take place.
    Thank you so much for hard work and efforts Saurikk with helping everybody here with whatever issue they are having and I wish you all the best.

  15. Hi Team
    I’m trying to install iFile (v2.2.0-1) in iOS 12.2 (iPhone 7+) with Impactor 0.9.51 on Windows 10 (64-bit) and I get the following error 42

    Failed to find matching arch for 32-bit Mach-O input file
    /private/var/installd/ …………… /iFile

    Please advise on the fix

    • Hey Daniel,

      I’ve already listed multiple solutions of this exact same error. Go through the comment section once where I think I guided one fellow too.

  16. Thanks a ton to you Saurikk! I was facing cydia impactor 42 error. Explored a couple of threads and sites and finally, you solved my error. Love ya 😘

  17. Ok Saurikk thank you very much for your solution about error 42 where the The executable was signed with invalid entitlements. That’s great and am sure many people appreciate it but for me i don’t want to jailbreak my IOS device but i still want to utilize Cydia Impactor to side load 3rd party application but without having the error occurring every time i attempt to use it. If there please do mention it with a reply or your thoughts about when the resolve for this issue will take place.
    Thank you so much for hard work and efforts Saurikk with helping everybody here with whatever issue they are having and I wish you all the best.

  18. Hi,

    i’m stuck on this, any solution for this issue? trying to check, but there is no such issue

    please help

    file: installer.cpp; line 79; what:

    • There is apparently no such error till the date. Anyway, please try with an app-specific password on another computer.

  19. hola
    quisiera saber como corregir este error
    archivo: provision.cpp; línea: 81; qué:

    ios / downloadTeamProvisioningProfile = 18446744073709551615

    Ocurrió un error inesperado. Inténtalo de nuevo. Si el problema persiste, comuníquese con el Soporte del Programa para Desarrolladores de Apple.

    • Hola DAN,
      Un número significativo de personas reportaron este problema. Parece que Apple está lanzando este error que llevará tiempo resolverlo. Mientras tanto, ¿puedes probar esta solución [2]?

      Por favor, hágame saber el resultado para que las personas puedan tener una solución adecuada. Gracias

    • Cydia Impactor is not causing this issue, I think. Many users have reported the same error recently. You can try another app signer. Please make an attempt with this solution[2].

    • Download latest cydia impactor and Navigate to Xcode >> Revoke Certificates. Revoke the certificate using your Apple ID and password and try again. This is the ultimate solution for cydia impactor 81 error. If it is still not moving a needle, give this solution[2] a try.

  20. hello … my problem is when i open Cydia impactor it`s dosnt lunch or opend
    i tried on other pc it`s work but mind dose not

    i have itunes and my windows is 10 it`s was workiing before but now it`s not ,,,,

    maybe coz i have itunes from microsoft store ? i`m not sure i will try to get it from other places

  21. I open ipa file with winrar, edit Info.plist and save it.
    This method use to work but this time it’s not.

    I got this,

    “File: plist.hpp;line:413; what_assert(plist!=NULL)”

    How to solve it?

    • Try sideloading IPA extension directly. Yes, it is possible that mod you’re trying to install is no longer working.

  22. file: phlist,hpp; line: 214; what:




    I got this error, is this something?

  23. Hello Saurikk
    Thanks for all you do 🙂

    Issue is:
    I got the following error while GenerationApplicationMap step is going:
    “file: ./plist.hpp; line: 214; what:



    The App icon is present on the screen. I need to verify profile things before the first run, and then I try to launch the app. Result: it crashed after 2-3secs on the loading screen

    How it could be fixed? :shrug:


    • I managed to know that many users are facing the same. This seems quite new. Anyway, have you tried other cydia impactor alternatives? They are worth a shot, especially super impactor.

      If it still doesn’t work, a user managed to get rid of this exact same error with the help of VirtualBox. Try that out too!

  24. buenos días ,

    no puedo instalar la app, porque me da un error y no encuentro solución. El error es el siguiente;

    file: file.cpp; line: 122; what:

    Me podéis ayudar?

    • This is probably because you might not have installed (latest)iTunes or even iTunes at all. Correct me if I’m wrong.

      Just install latest iTunes and make an attempt again. 🙂

    • The simple solution to this error includes looking for another IPA from a different reliable source as your IPA file is corrupted.

    • Hey Nyann,

      I’m 100% sure that this is an IPA error. (Game)IPA you’re trying to install is corrupted. Just try to find the same IPA from another source and you’re good to go.

  25. Hello, I have run into the provision 81 error and have tried to fix it using the method described above, but it still did not work. Could you suggest another solution?

    • What’s that app you’re making an effort to install? Would you try downloading that IPA from a new trusted source and sideload it again?

    • The latest cydia impactor is working pretty fine. I hope you’re dropping IPAs on extracted cydia impactor and you’ve downloaded that according to your OS.

  26. Hello, i have a problem.
    i’m trying to install a package with Inspector for Mac on Mac 10.14.5 and the app is crashing every time with this error

    Process: Impactor [49926]
    Path: /Applications/
    Identifier: com.saurik.Impactor
    Version: 0.9.52 (1559634320)
    Code Type: X86-64 (Native)
    Parent Process: ??? [1]
    Responsible: Impactor [49926]
    User ID: 1754617818

    Date/Time: 2019-07-22 12:45:31.858 +0200
    OS Version: Mac OS X 10.14.5 (18F203)
    Report Version: 12
    Bridge OS Version: 3.5 (16P5200)
    Anonymous UUID: F2687A6D-3790-5F99-8906-F46822CDE1B6

    Sleep/Wake UUID: EC068B00-3FB0-40FF-A179-1D79835A6F31

    Time Awake Since Boot: 340000 seconds
    Time Since Wake: 270000 seconds

    System Integrity Protection: enabled

    Crashed Thread: 7

    Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV)
    Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000000000000000
    Exception Note: EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY

    Termination Signal: Segmentation fault: 11
    Termination Reason: Namespace SIGNAL, Code 0xb
    Terminating Process: exc handler [49926]

    can someone help me?

    • 1. Open iTunes and ensure that iTunes is recognizing your device.
      2. Kill the impactor and restart your computer+phone.
      3. Try removing your phone’s PIN and connect to the computer while wifi turned off on your mobile device.

      It’s the time to sideload your IPA again. 😉

  27. Dear Sir, I ask for help,
    CYDIA exposes a permanent error of 81, but with the written solution I can not reinstall the program in the phone, please help

  28. howdy.
    I have an iPad Mini and right now I cannot seem to get my device to show up.
    I pressed debug device (iOS) and it just replies with
    socket_connect: Could not connect to [IP address]
    when I click start, it replies with
    file: impractor.cpp; line: 572; what:
    and if I try to put a file on it, it responds with
    file: impractor.cpp; line: 586; what:
    must select a device to use this feature

    its connected to my pc and I can access its photos. there is no prompt to trust the pc and Ive checked around in iTunes to see if it needed setting up to no avail

    • Hey Elias,

      I am sure that IPA is causing an error. It may be corrupted as one user also reported the same for iphonecake. You can try IPA from another source of install Spotify++ using Ems4U or Tweakbox.

  29. Hi, so I’ve been installing Spotify++ using impactor for a while now, but idk why it stopped working. Impactor would just crash before finishing installing, and I’ve tried different app just to make sure and it would still crash. I’ve tried a different version of Spotify ++ and different version of impactor and it still wouldn’t work, Any idea?

    • Have you tried latest impactor 0.9.52? If it is crashing as well, you might have issue with your computer OS, I think. Well, in this case, you can try Tweakbox for downloading spotify++. Its easy as well.

    • This is an IPA error which means IPA file you’re trying to sideload is corrupted. Just download it from another trusted source and give it a shot!

    • As the error indicates, you are already having native app. For example, installing Pokemon Go++ needs to remove/delete original Pokemon Go app from your iOS device.

    • I think you’re getting the following error:
      file: ipa.cpp; line: 490; what:
      cannot find .app/Info.plis

      In this case, you may not be sideloading right IPA file or dropping zipped version on the impactor. Make sure you follow proper guide provided on our homepage.

  30. I Keep getting file:installation.cpp line: 42 what:

    This app was not built to support this device family.

    Am I only allowed to have 1 jailbreaking clinet on my device? I cann’t have Cydia and Sileo at the same time? I can get unc0ver sideloaded to the device, but not Chimera, whenever I try to sidload Chimera it comes up with this error.

  31. My error is:

    Some files extracted from were modified or new files were created.
    Do you wish to put them to archive?

    Hoping you can help me. I can’t install my IPA.

  32. can you help me with file: zip.cpp; line: 464; what: _assert(writ != -1). ive seen that someone solve at redit,but i try it and that think always appear,please help

  33. Hi. The cydia impactor showed nothing but just a green full bar with no words, not even “complete” and the app is not in the phone. Please help.

  34. I’ve been having trouble trying to load the chimera IPAs, it starts working but then impactor just closes. I tried other versions, 0.9.51 has the same problem, 0.9.50 says “premature end of file”, and an even earlier version completes the sideload but the app refuses to open.

  35. Hey Saurik,

    Can you help me please? I’ve been getting the error 167 the username or passphrase you entered is incorrect. I’m trying to resign uncover because normally it’s set to auto resign with ReProvision but for some reason I’d didn’t resign and my phone restarted. Anyways I am trying to manually resign it with impactir but it gives me this error. I know my username and passcode are correct. I looked on the comments and couldn’t find a solution but I did find this Reddit post
    “Ok just in case anyone stumbled upon this post I managed to band-aid fix the issue. It appears that I have a lowercase and uppercase version of my appID email in manage App’s ID via Ext3nder. When trying to sign certificates Impactor is trying to sign one of the two app IDs resulting in an error.
    I deleted the IPAs from one appID and signed them all on one and I no longer have the error, I didn’t use impactor to fix this but all through ext3nder. I have even tried downgrading and upgrading Impactor and revoking certs but it still wasn’t working.
    Ext3nder > More > Manage App’s ID (delete your IPAs to make it easy) Ext3nder > accounts manager – Account Library (delete one of your IDs that you don’t want or that has the error)
    Hope it helps someone. I couldn’t find anything for Impactor error 167.”

    This makes sense to me but the only issue is I can’t open extender or manage my ids while my phone is unjailbroken.


  36. Hey I’ve been getting error 167, the username or passphrase you entered is not correct. But I know it is. I’m trying to resign uncover

  37. i got this one message pls give a hand:
    Some files extracted from Impactor 0.9.52 .zip were modifiled or new files were created.
    Do you wishto put them to the archive? then Yes or No is false(Crashing)

    trying to use 0.9.51 is same trouble

    • It may caused because when you extract the zipped version, the original file’s modified date changes to the date of your action. Try to place the zipped file to another location and attempt with extraction.

  38. Me da error
    File: file.cpp; línea: 122; what:

    Cannot open

    No such file or directory

    • Have you got antivirus app installed on your device? If yes, disable it first. Otherwise, trying method listed under installation.cpp:42 error should work fine.

    • Your depicts “application already installed as incompatible team” which means you must delete the native app if you’re sideloading respective tweak. For example, Snapchat must be removed if you want Snapchat++ to be installed.

  39. hello so im currently trying to install a file onto my iphone 7 but when i run cydia impactor with my iphone 7 plugged into my laptop it doesnt connect and i dont get the option to choose a device when i click on the drop down bar its all whited out. ive used cydia impacter fine before just a month or two ago so im not sure whats the issue now.

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